Monday, 17 September 2018

hasty late night last minute festival of dot pointage

It's a race! How many dots can I get points against (or should that be how many points can I manage to dot) before falling asleep!

    In soviet russia, blue suede shoes step on you.
  • Last Friday the day came, as I always knew it would, when I arrived at work dressed in my active wear for bike riding* and not carrying the clean, sober and neatly pressed change of business attire, as specified in the "Personal Presentation Policy" because I packed the bag and then left it behind. So I tried to cobble something together out of what I had on and the things in my locker. I didn't think it was going to work and then I remembered the strange cupboard under my desk. Strange cupboard delivered: among other things it contained trousers, with only a small amount of cat hair on them, a jacket, and best of all, a pair of blue shoes. The pants and coat were also blue and counterintuitively but interestingly, when I dressed myself in this monochromatic garb which I would not have willingly selected, I felt not like a nun or a volunteer at a Liberal Party election night function but instead rather like a member of some People's Army or other. Cosplay is an important part of life and unintentional cosplay is best of all. There is nothing quite like it as a stimulant to making it across the finish line of the working week and this one had felt twice as long as usual. Because of reasons 

makes my blood boil

  • The last time I got in a hot bath it was really a bit too hot and I felt kind of sick all night and most of the next day. My doctor has moved her rooms to a terrace house in Carlton and I have a new appointment time: 8am on Tuesdays. Last week was the first time in the new place, which is the fourth since I started with her, and it was quite strange, possibly because she sort of invited me to feel anxious about it. I certainly did my expert utmost to contribute extra anxiety to the situation by getting up at half-past-five and going to the pool to swim some laps and taking a sauna then going to get coffee somewhere i've never been before and having to eat an almond croissant for breakfast, and not figuring out exactly where the street number for the new rooms was located in that very long street until ten minutes before the appointment time. So when I got there (bang on time) I realised that even though I've known for weeks that this change was coming I hadn't told anyone at work that I would be in later than usual that day and every Tuesday from now on. Symptoms, man: the unconscious is such a wellspring of amazing creativity. I really, really love it ( "it", "that", "es", "id.") 

  • Saw this

  • Workplace food. After all this and after craft camp I felt kind of terrible, bad enough to think seriously for a few minutes about maybe fasting for a few days. That wore off

Thinking about fasting is not the same fasting, no not at all. It is important to remind oneself of the truth of this. Likewise, while I have downloaded the Couch to 5k app, so far I have only thought about putting it to use.

  • Saw this too  Leonard was with me when I took this picture and he said it was a good idea and that we should take pictures of interesting clouds we see when we go on our road trip the two of us are going to take in the school holidays. I wondered whether he was aware at all of how cute this suggestion was. I feel fairly sure that he might have been quite aware but also that he might grasp that consciously cute kid stuff doesn't garner a lot of enthusiasm from me. I am a little curious about what he might consider to be an interesting-looking cloud, though. 

*ie jeans with pyjamas underneath

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ernmalleyscat said...

the payoff for the active wear asterisk was perfectly timed.