Sunday, 14 January 2018

More Warrnambool pictures and stuff

I ate a hamburger containing both some cows and a pig. I messed up my timings the day I got there and I could not get back to Day Kitty in time to get takeaway for dinner. About nine o'clock I was ravenous and I knew I was going to end up eating like a cheese sandwich from the petrol station or something similarly depressing. So I thought, I will go to Kermond's and just get them to leave out the meat. But then I just ordered a normal hamburger and I ate the whole thing. The last few bites, I thought, this is beginning to hurt.

It had been about seven hundred days since the last time I knowingly ate meat. That was a wallaby rissole that had been cooked for me in Heywood and I did not feel any desire to refuse that hospitality. No excuses for this one though, I just felt like doing something completely out of character.

I could not believe how small the library is. They used to get books in for you from other libraries but it was still a limited offering. I wondered if this scarcity might have contributed to the obsessive re-reading I have wasted so much time on.

 Kylie and Debbie's place

One Gigantic FU to the Warrnambool Artists Society!
from Me.

My friends Simon and Paul lived here. I was in love with Simon actually. I've been thinking about the day I drove the pair of them out to their dope plantation somewhere in the middle of a very young radiata pine forest. I had had a drivers' licence for about a fortnight, and the car I'd had for two days. It fishtailed like crazy over the muddy unsealed tracks through the forest. Just one of many instances of possibly very stupid things I agreed to do at around this time because I was trying to live up to an ideal. I think it was an idea of myself as a tearaway, junior siren etc that I wanted other people to have, without actually wanting to be one myself. I am interested in how and why that happened so much and also why it never did go seriously wrong.

Another epically Warrnambool scene (track from Thunder Point to Shelley Beach) with the crenellation of Norfolk pines gracing the horizon

It is all about driving to a beach and sitting in the car looking at the sea. Sometimes you are having the conversation that will determine the course of the rest of your life and sometimes you are just eating your lunch (from Kermond's)

 I had totally forgotten that the Warrnambool newspaper used to do this, and apparently still does - ie send a photographer out to car crash scenes.

 My best friend lived here. Her mum had the health food shop and their house was behind / upstairs, just like cool people from the city who lived in terrace houses.


elsewhere said...

I have much less compunction about eating roo than lamb, tho the latter tastes better. I'm sure that's for purely emotional reasons like the thought of 'baby animals' whereas roos were so ubiquitous and such a staple of life in central Australia I couldn't extend the sentiment.

JahTeh said...

I have become a flexitarian but only for free range chicken and fish.
I remember the taste of pork but can't stand the smell of it cooking ditto beef and lamb. Tofu is limited because it reactes badly with some medication I take and I do unhealthy things with it, like rolling it in sesame seeds and frying it. I envy your trip to Warrnambool.