Friday, 5 January 2018

Day Kitty

So, the writing project is going really well. At least, I'm enjoying it, having positive feelings about it, churning out tons of words - none of which I am able to think of as anything but practice words, but still - most importantly I am just so happy to be having ideas. It's the best. That feeling very much answers the question I've been asking myself - why bother, given how unnecessary a prospect is the appearance of yet another mediocre novel in the world. I probably should not be discussing it at all. I've noticed how you lot who write fiction don't talk about it much while you're doing it. I don't possess that level of self-control or discretion, you will be not at all surprised to learn. I'm having fun and doing something I find very interesting, so I want to talk about it.

I'm going down to Warrnambool for a couple of days next week, to look around and take lots of pictures, mostly just to wallow in being in Warrnambool. And much as I'm going because of the writing, in complete honesty what I am looking forward to about this trip is going to Day Kitty and eating everything they have. How can I explain the majesty, the miracle of Day Kitty food? It is not possible. What it is, is food that is sensuous and decadent and pure pleasure to eat, but that instead of making you feel greasy and gross afterwards like most food of that sort does, consuming it makes you feel perfect and radiant, like a Keith Haring person. It is tiresome to have to admit that anything presented under the utterly nonsensical banner of "clean eating" could be any good, but whatever. I'm going to fucking eat the fuck out of it whatever it's called.

Initially I thought I could fit in five meals:
1. Straight off the train for late second breakfast / early lunch
2. Buy takeaway to eat later on for dinner, maybe down at the beach (they aren't open for dinner)
3. Breakfast the next day
4. Lunch
5. Takeaway again.

But on reflection I think this is too premeditated and possibly punishing an eating schedule. Instead I'll go straight there as in Step 1, and then I'll ask them for advice about how to organise the next 36 hours around meals. I was so pleased today to have arrived at this infinitely better plan that I made fake Day Kitty for dinner, viz.;
Clockwise from the fried egg: bit of kale sauteed with garlic and lemon,  steamed brown rice and quinoa, beetroot ginger and fennel sauerkraut, roast pumpkin, hummus, more kale with sriracha sauce, eggplant slurry, pumpkin seeds. The whole thing dished up in an Ikea bowl that I went and bought specifically to enhance the realism of my amateurishly produced Day Kitty imitations.
 It wasn't too bad but it lacked the critical element of overall harmony and balance, and the individual components blurred into each other in a way that is just not canon.

Five sleeps!

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