Wednesday, 20 December 2017

What happened today!

Whining about nothing ever happening works because today two things happened:

1. My earrings showed up

Not living up to expectations. Also, what the fuck is that ....flap on my neck?
Australia Post finally caved and admitted they'd lost them and paid the jeweller to send me another pair. After all that I'm afraid I don't think like them very much. It's difficult to know. I thought they would have more of a cool science vibe than a miniature wind chimes vibe or even worse a fancy cricket stumps vibe. I guess I should cut my losses and settle for wind chimes. They certainly do clank a lot. Anyway, earrings modelled here in the glamorous setting of Leonard's bedroom. "I need someone to be with me" is his bedtime mantra. He got in bed an hour ago and he's still awake reading Tintin. I'll escape eventually I guess.

2. Julia Gillard showed up at my work

I shook hands with Julia Gillard using my hand (pictured)

 Today is the 102nd anniversary of the end of the Anzac withdrawal from Gallipoli. You knew that already, of course, sorry for mansplaining. JG and the Turkish Consul were the chief speakers at a ceremony marking the occasion, and together they did a very good job of acknowledging the significance of Gallipoli and Anzac for Australia and Turkey without ever losing sight of how tragic and futile it all was, or how long ago it was and how different the world is now. There was a surprisingly high turnout - maybe a hundred people. I spoke to JG for a minute afterwards and that was extremely thrilling. I shook her hand too and as I was walking down the crypt stairs to go back to my office I cried a little bit from happiness and excitement. Many of the more original thinkers among my facebook friends suggested not washing my hand, but I did wash it and straight away so I could calm down and eat my lunch of half an avocado and a third of an iceberg lettuce, chased with a quarter of my body weight in cake and chocolate extracted from various hampers we've been given and teas that have been concocted to pass the time until we can all stop pretending to work.  There was an unscheduled tea yesterday, not technically Xmas-related, and so the last scheduled Xmas party is still to come.

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JahTeh said...

I have a box of earrings that are determined not to look good on my ears or go with my glasses or getting older face. Fortunately coming into my circle are little girls who do appreciate vintage. As for vintage I was given a grotty bag of grotty old grot but a gem in the very bottom, an original swarovski necklace, early 70s with the swan logo, gold and crystals and not a scratch or wear mark on it.