Tuesday, 28 November 2017


I can't face picking up where I left off yesterday. Are you liking the hot days? Except for the part where I ride home between four and five p.m. and I can feel the sun cooking my flesh, I think this weather is perfect. The sunny streets, the warm air on bare skin, the lightness in everything, the good smell of leaves and grass, it's alright.

Birthday week 2017 officially commences tomorrow with an afternoon tea in my honour. I've spent the last fifteen minutes trying & failing to find a quiz that is somehow less dispiriting than the Herald-Sun ones that get brought out whenever there is a morning or afternoon tea in my otherwise-civilised office. I might make another search tomorrow. Or instead I might just print out the longest Jane Austen-themed quiz I can find and insist we do that one. There has never yet been a Jane Austen question in the Herald-Sun quizzes. Only sport and boring facts about countries which nobody has ever heard of. Well, whatever happens, I intend to make this birthday week the best one ever.


Marie said...


Birthdays eh.

Now regarding Jane Austen,

I read something recently about how Jane Austen could not have written Persuasion because of the dates in the first chapter.

Do you know about this and is it true? Can you explain it?

If you DON'T know I'll tell you where I read it and you can look for yourself. It all sounded a bit contrived to me.

Hope you are not getting washed away in Melbourne. Take a tram to work. And an umbrella. Take care of yourself.

Cheers Marie in Perth

Marie said...

Birthdays eh.

Now, regarding Jane Austen - I read recently that Jane Austen could not have written "Persuasion" because of the birthdates etc listed on page 1 of the book.

Do you know about this and if so could you please explain it?

Today it must be TAKE YOUR RAINCOAT TO WORK AND DO NOT THINK OF RIDING A BIKE day in Melbourne. Stay dry.

Cheers Marie in Perth

lucy tartan said...

Hi Marie. I did leave my bike at home. I haven't heard this about JA not being the author of Persuasion. It's very cheering to see the conspiracy theories begin to appear. I would really like to know where you came across this, because of course any claim that JA didn't writer Persuasion is utter nonsense. She definitely, definitely did. It's the only novel of hers that bits of the handwritten manuscript exist for heaven's sake. And she talked about it in her letters while she worked on it. All that sort of thing, and also, its obvious AF from just reading it that the same person who write Emma and Mansfield Park wrote Persuasion. Oh, lol. Looking forward to finding out where you read this. I hope it wasn't one of Arnie P's wild theories.