Sunday, 10 September 2017

Weekend is finished now. All gone.

On Friday morning I drove to Lancefield. It was a lovely day and around about Bulla I started to feel that I should make the most of the adventure of being let out alone, and do something extraordinary to challenge myself - find something that I was afraid of and do it anyway.

So I decided to get my eyebrows waxed in Romsey
The abandoned pioneer settlement of Romsey

 When I pushed open the door of the Romsey Beauty Spot I felt very frightened for just a moment but it was fine in the end, so much so that I really shouldn't have worried. I didn't so much forget to take eyebrow photos for before and purposes as I only just thought of it.  Lack of pictures aside that adventure worked out pretty much okay for me.

Here's my new shoes instead and you may also enjoy having a little think about $10 bags of horse carrots and how much fun it is to give horses carrots to eat. 

Horse carrots

 I'm hideously sleepy so in lieu of needless words here are three more pictures of Lancefield 

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