Sunday, 6 August 2017


I really wanted to make sure they found it OK

Prime cuts of felted jumper

A1 Bakery is the best place in the whole world. I always feel really happy there.

Budget = $20, so: fancy cat food @ $5.50, + chocolate @2 for $6, + phone $99, total = $110.50, "I went over budget! ha ha ha!" Definitely my child. In fact this just about sums up my relationship with consumer goods. 

Today. We had a nap together, which we haven't done since Lenny was in childcare. 

On the left, from the gentlest organic free-range egg farm imaginable, on the right, from the chook group chooks

One of the good things that has flowed from recent changes is that I have moved into this beautiful office

1 comment:

Ann ODyne said...

he is gonna be such a great man.
LOTR is too advanced for under 10, even yours.
comiserations on the wool shrinking. men + laundry. sigh.
Dunkirque? it's a movie, not a history thesis. What is wrong with people?

That 1 blue egg is from an Arucana chicken. I think south american. they are a dusky blue colour and refuse to go to bed when all the other chickens do.

You do have bike gloves of course?
love from the bush