Saturday, 24 June 2017


Right. I missed the last craft camp because I thought we were going to take a family holiday instead, on the long weekend - but then tickets were inadvertently bought for a jazz festival show on the Sunday night - which turned out to be not so immensely wonderful that I could suppress a pang of regret when I saw my friends' photos of their blissful weekend away.

Quite apart from the not getting away, hanging out with friends and relaxing my head off, I haven't really sewn anything since the March craft camp. One green silk camisole, one pair of irretrievably Tintinned culottes, and that green spotty skirt. I just haven't been able to get started. But winter's here.  I'm perpetually cold. The weather forecast for the coming week says 'top of 13.' So I'm going to approach this thing like it's craft camp and just go for it. Got a heap of fabric and a pair of scissors, I'm alone in the house for a while, I have a full tank of gas, half a pack of cigarettes, it's dark and I'm wearing sunglasses.

1: bronze silk/cotton voile with a white leaf print. My favourite dress ever was made of this fabric and I wore it until it got holes, patched the holes, it got more holes, so I went and got more fabric to make another one. This was in about 2009. I might actually do it now

2: ink lurex/denim for a straight skirt with kick pleats

3: Liberty silk twill for a shirt

4: Wool /elastane suiting, lilac, sailor-type pants

5: black and white wool boucle, 1960s coat

6: wool / elastane suiting, beautiful stuff, dangerously close to too nice to cut, I've had it for a while now without managing to decide what to use it for. Pants or a dress, probably. Help me please someone I need help badly.

7: silk seersucker for a tea dress

8: Another piece of Liberty silk twill for another shirt

9: Petrol blue wool suiting, going to be the most awesome pair of trousers ever

10: wool / silk / lurex brocade, was bought for a top, considered a skirt, probably going to be pants.

11: Navy wool / elastane suiting with royal blue pinstripes, a jacket

12: not pictured, I've already cut out black wool voile for a flippy a-line skirt


Ann ODyne said...

"measure twice, cut once." is the carpenter's mantra.
Years ago I used to love being in Clegs Elizabeth Street on Saturdays lurking near the Luxury Fabrics counter, watching as the Mother Of The Bride and her daughter took a $130 per metre bolt to be cut for The Gown. The cold shiver of commitment as the shears made the initial slice that was almost audible.

Just now the Casterton Town Hall has a foyer display of clothes of the pioneer Henty family which are gaspworthy to see. A bride's 1850's going away jacket, so tiny with intricate layering and multiple fabrics is a work of art and SO Tiny. A gauzy child's frock with distressed seams just like Chanel has done lately.
May you prevail Dear Laura, I see you as Mmme Chanel was over her creations with that fag hanging from her carmine lips.

Anonymous said...

Do you ever sew underwear, Miss Laura?

lucy tartan said...

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