Sunday, 4 June 2017

My empirical weekend

I used a lint shaver to de-pill just one side of this numinously ridiculous cardigan to see if it is possible to tell which side is before and which is after

I have been wondering for a while now if the nasty sore little patch of zits that I get on the side of my chin every now & then might be triggered by ovulation. I got around to googling that today and it turns out that it is. I tell you, if I could get rid of this little blotch of pimples I would have nothing at all to complain about. Other than the zits things are really good at the moment. They are the only thing that is bad. They are astoundingly bad however, so on balance it's about 75% bad (pimples) 25% good (everything else.)

It's like four degrees in the mornings now and I am feeling the chill all day and I need a decent coat, so I spent two weekday evenings and one whole afternoon today on sewing a flimsy little green silk camisole, entirely unhelpful in the cold, but pretty. Matches my biceptual decorations.

Lenny has been getting in bed with us very frequently of late. It's nice to be cuddles by a warm six-year-old but I don't sleep well after he gets in; he snuggles up to my side and I can't turn over. I'm often sort of poised on the edge of the mattress. He wriggles a lot and throws off the blankets. Around sunup he will start whispering, alternating 'I love you' with 'is it morning yet?' I am only ever one bad night away from severe sleep deprivation and for a couple of weeks I've been in this state where I can't eat much at lunchtime unless I know I'll be able to move around in the couple of hours afterwards, because the draining of blood into the digestive system makes it an ordeal to try to stay awake.

There you go! Absolutely nothing at all about what I actually did on the weekend, but no doubt there is plenty here to remind me of what it was all about, if I happen to reread this in ten years time (assuming there is still electricity and internet in 2027.)

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