Sunday, 7 May 2017

today I'm going to sew that green skirt together. For reals.

This being the first Sunday of the month it is also the date of the monthly working bee of the Ceres chook group of which we are members. Normally I quite enjoy the working bee, but this morning it was all just too much and I bailed. Ceres. So frustrating. So much possibility, so necessary, and yet so freighted and shot through with entirely avoidable problems. In general I am looking forward to the postapocalyptic realignment of our collective priorities, but today, after flouncing out of the working bee and up to the market for a coffee before going home, I thought, there's a good chance that the world after the deluge/end of capitalism/plague will be a lot like this, run incompetently by people with no idea, filthy, full of infantile sniping and gossip, overpriced, lazy, smug, dreadful music, and unable to finish anything that gets started. They do sell amazing sauerkraut at Ceres and I bought two jars, one big one for home and one little one to take to work and leave in the fridge, but the woman operating the till charged me the same price for each ($16, that's how much the big one was, the little one was $12) - not much point paying for an annual membership which gains you a ten percent discount on groceries if they're going to charge you whatever they feel like charging in the first place is there? See what Ceres does to me? It irritates me to the point that I start obsessing about the prices of things and whether I am getting my money's worth or being ripped off, things that I think about absolutely nowhere else at all or at any other time, and that i do not want to think about because that is exactly the thinking that leads to voting for Malcolm Turnbull and his greasy, shifty, puny, gutless, mean-spirited, tired and selfish little politics=economics agenda. I objected to the overcharging and the difference was returned to me in cash. No apology! Also, the coffee was really nasty, and I am a person who is used to drinking coffee from office worker lunch shops and thus have a high gross coffee threshold.

The other main bad thing that happened at Ceres this morning was not really Ceres's fault unless they can be blamed for having paths that incline upwards, but when I was getting on my bike to ride away I tried to start in too high a gear and managed to come crashing down on the crossbar, striking my pubic bone savagely hard in the process. As a poet has reflected, the pain was enough to make a shy bald buddhist reflect and plan a mass murder. I rode around for a little while feeling cross and sore then went home where I have been ever since.

It was about 11 o'clock when I got here and yes I did intend to sew the green skirt together today. First I had to make myself feel better, sometimes a slow process but I always get there in the end.
Today's strategies included eating the remainder of the Mayver's Crunchy Dark Roast Peanut Butter straight out of the jar, drooling over the instagram of a frighteningly expensive dress shop which very fortunately is in Toronto and does not trade online, listening to some Lykke Li albums (I think I'm falling in love with her), complaining at exceptional, confused, bitter length on my blog as you can see, and indulging my new favourite hobby, washing my hair so immensely well that it feels like...not sure what, like something really nice anyway.  It's 3:58 pm right now. I haven't done it yet, but when I'm finished writing this post, I will sew that green skirt together for really really reals, and maybe I'll even make something else as well. A red silk slip to wear under it? Sure!!!!

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