Wednesday, 5 April 2017

maybe I spoke too soon

Maybe I'm not quite as over the La Trobe amour fou as I thought I was. These hideous ads, which I keep seeing on trams (trams headed for Melbourne Uni, naturellement), are really getting to me.

In the interests of not spending the entire evening getting myself needlessly worked up I'm just going to give you the tl;dr version of why, and hopefully that'll be enough in the way of venting. (I tried to discuss them with my doctor on Monday, but she wasn't having it.)

So here it is.

The people who set up La Trobe, fifty years ago, not to mention the people who brought it to life with their youth and energy,


unlike the arseholes who are running it now.

That's all. Thanks for listening.

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JahTeh said...

I am with you here but on the science side. My cousin is constantly working, teaching and writing grant papers for a lifesaver that will go all over the world but the grants get smaller as the science is ignored. I would have enjoyed your lectures on Jane Austen.