Monday, 24 April 2017

It's tomorrow

Tomorrow, I will be standing around in the wind, rain, thunderstorm, hail, outside broadcasts, and bagpiper noises, with thousands of other wet people, and Vinnie will be sitting here on my couch, on my soft, dry, clean, silent cushions, not even appreciating how great his life is, because that is Vinnie all over, an ungrateful orange wretch with the narrowest imaginable perspective on life. He will probably outlive me. Speaking of death 'n' that I did go to the GP with my vibrating breast (it is still merrily buzzing like a deliberately shit game of Operation!) and it all transpired away exactly as predicted except I was charged $85 not $72. I'm going to get squashed in the squashing machine next week. Does Breastscreen give you a copy of the xrays? I would like to put them on my blog, along with my other ones.

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