Thursday, 30 March 2017

Sad, cold, old, and soon no more coffee either.

I don't think there will be any median strip parties in Canning St until next summer now because the weather has suddenly turned cold. That's how my cookies crumble, yo. I think of something cool, and if fate is being extra unkind, it lets me have the littlest taste of what executing the cool idea is like before slamming the door of possibility shut upon my fingers. (I can't think of any other way for the pony to have landed there than via the intercession of a pagan deity determined to teach me a lesson.)

Six weeks ago I began to stop in the city square for a coffee on my way to work. At first I was a bit uncertain whether this is actually a good idea or not: a habit, takes up time I could be sleeping, costs money, and most of all, is a wank. It turned out, though, to be a really nice way to start the day. The coffee is truly excellent and breaking the trip just a few minutes before the end really works. Plus I can stop there in my sweaty riding clothes, sometimes dripping and streaked with mud from the damp roads, lean my bike on the wall instead of needing to chain it, and nobody cares.

So when the city square Brunetti's closes down, which is happening tomorrow, I will really miss it. It's shutting down because the entire city square is going to become a huge construction site for the next five to ten years while a metro rail tunnel station is built underneath. Brunetti's is re-opening in Flinders Lane, in a shopfront with none of the features that made the city square a place worth visiting.  One of the two Italian women who make the coffee said to me on Monday, Are you sad?. I said yes. She pushed my coffee across the counter and said it was free. Same thing happened on Tuesday morning, Wednesday, and this morning. Each time I have been getting a little larger with the authentic gestures of sadness and suffering, so much so that I don't know what I should do tomorrow to get my free coffee - pour ashes on myself, perhaps?

Anyway, so tired I cant keep my eyes open, so I'm going to bed. Sleeping is sometimes another thing that whoever is in charge of me will allow me to try out for a little while, but never for very long.

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