Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Footwear log, why not

these are my feet 
inside my shoes 
that I love even though their wooden heels are horribly loud on the concrete floors
seriously, they are amazing aren't they
Greatness. Even though the metallic treatment on the toecaps scratches off if you so much as 
look at it wrong
and the only suggestion the woman in "On the Mend" had about that
to buy some nail polish in the same finish
touch them up whenever necessary
She suggested "OPI" nail polish
I took this suggestion seriously enough to go
into David Jones cosmetics hall
(a step which cost me some psychic effort)
and examine the offerings there
I was horrified at the price of this "OPI" nail polish
I mean, really
and also the metallics they had there were not right
so I never did have to face up to the dilemma
you know the one

so much for the bright idea of the woman in "On the Mend"
she is usually pretty genius at the fixing of shoes
I won't hold it against her
this time
but three strikes and, who knows, maybe she will be out
I assume there are other shoe repairers in the sea.


there are no feet inside these boots. I was trying to capture their jaunty stance in my own stancing, above. I don't know but I am pretty sure that handing out boots like these is how they got people to volunteer in two-bit colonial militias in the olden days.

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