Tuesday, 14 February 2017

I hate people when they're not polite

So I did stop for coffee this morning. No surprises there.

As I was coming through Carlton a construction worker yelled 'hey baby' at a teenage schoolgirl passing on the footpath. People are just completely fucked. Present company excluded in every way. What a very excellent start to the day our faceless overlords of global capital have set aside for the commercialisation of all things romantic and lovely. He was at work, wearing a shirt with the name of the firm written on it. I'm thinking very carefully about what to do. As shit as that behaviour is, I don't want to be the reason someone loses a job. I guess I didn't make him do it though. Apart from anything else, if he lost his job, I don't know who else might suffer because of it. Someone is likely to. I'm leaning towards just contacting the firm without specifying the site or at least without describing the worker. Anyway, happy Valentine's day, enjoy the awesomeness of heterosexuality under patriarchy while it lasts, because - oh, hang on.

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