Saturday, 4 February 2017

Footwear log

Old but good. I've had these for over a decade and don't wear them often. They need a bit of repair work done which I will see to because I want these shoes with me to the end. 

I enjoyed the hairdresser visit last night. They sell records as well as cut hair and they always want to have a conversation with you about music, which is mildly hilarious (themey) but also just nice. Business has picked up and now they've got an apprentice. He kept taking off The Triffids and putting on Elvis. The older people in the shop were giving him a moderate ribbing about this, but I get it - the Elvis obsession hits you, you can't stop being in love with him, then it's all over like it never happened. Until the next time. He sneaks up on you, again and again. The kid was clearly in the first fine throes of making a great discovery. There was a warm and gentle breeze blowing in through the front door, it was good. I thought "why don't I listen to Elvis any more" and since then I've played Elvis nonstop. 

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