Friday, 3 December 2010

I said this would happen.

9 May 2006: (speaking of the choking surfeit of Da Vinci Codes in bookshops) -
Can you picture how depressingly uniformly yellowy-brownish the op-shop book shelves of tomorrow are going to look?

Then in Savers last night, I saw this:

the one on the top shelf is trade paperback size.


Helen said...

I remember reading somewhere - can't remember who it was - about the surfeit of "misery memoirs" abounding in the last few years and how they are all in the same beige-y grey colour band. I expect Savers will have a block of beige-y grey as well as the Da Vinci brown and yellow.

Happy birthday, and congratulations, too!

Chris Boyd said...

I would have preferred that they were remaindered... harumph. I'd like to be able to say I've never read a word of Dan Brown, but I did read the extracts in your 2006 post... so it's all your fault!

Hey, I had a cat dream a few days back, and both my optus lines were down until 3am the morning you posted this (and guess what? you can only phone the optus customer care number from an optus landline, WTF?! and optus service difficulties # is UNLISTED!!)

Congrats, m'dear, on the impending litter and, belatedly, happy 38th... to a woman of impeccable calibre -- and good digestion! :D

lucy tartan said...

Thank you both very much. Chris, all I can say is count yourself lucky that Optus doesn't insist on talking only to your husband, when you finally get them on the phone.

TimT said...

Yes, I've noticed other fantasy/thriller books being upholstered in exactly the same way as DVC. But this, too, shall pass.

R.H. said...

Do you reckon Chris Boyd wouldn't have a husband?

RH negative said...


Just because I'm in need of a good fortune and a (bad, for preference) wife, doesn't mean that a spouse of any sex would -- er -- 'do'.


R.H. said...

ha ha ha.

Well done sir!

I've never understood why a man with a fortune would need a wife.
Especially in days when housekeepers were so cheap.