Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Congratulations anyway.

Normally when I put up a new post, the blog gets about 70 visitors on that day. Today, it's had ten times that much traffic.

Just think of how many bazlottoes have come and gone, unnoticed, unloved, among those seven hundred Monthly-gossip seeking blog wanderers. Poor little Bazlottoes! Come back to the safe and warm arms of the ones who really love you.

Meanwhile, elsewhere, the great pageant of the blogosphere embarrassing itself trundles on.


Bwca Brownie said...

I did get pleasure from seeing the cute critters, and would have** left a comment exactly like this:
The most retarded owl is still smarter than Stephen Hawking, and every other genius you can think of.
None of them can find food in the dark, or sleep in trees.
and the deal-breaker: Owls have no debt.
** I care not for blogs where
"You must be logged in to leave a comment."

librarygirl said...

So.... 700 visitors but no-one says anything?
Don't you ind that a bit weird and stalkerish?

librarygirl said...

sorry - FIND that a bit weird and stalkerish?

Pavlov's Cat said...

If I could be bothered logging in, I might leave a comment saying O RLY?
But I can't be bothered logging in, and am also not doing so on principle.

Do you think he's doing it on purpose? I'm not sure which would be worse, yes or no.

F.G. Marshall-Stacks said...

oh I love that.
'No', not on purpose, they're just awful.

'Yes' on purpose - they're just awful.

librarygirl? - we knew. it's OK.
I have the Feedjit thing, and it tells me that people just come and go, speechlessly. sigh.

lucy tartan said...

Not 'on purpose' as in angling for a rise. Who cares anyway.

The drop-ins don't bother me though they used to. It's fine. Long-term lurkers are fine too.

dogpossum said...


dogpossum said...



ThirdCat said...

well, I went and registered even (which was a frigging carry on if I might say, and it was only because I was particularly outraged that I even had the energy to see that little exercise through) lodged my outraged retort, went into moderation and now it's gone. Which is good.

Still outraged, but. Sorry to hijack comments.

Mindy said...

I got "page not found" perhaps they have taken it down? Damn me for not spending more time on the internet!

F.G. Marshall-Stacks said...

to Mindy re getting a 404:
the post was a photo of 2 baby owls looking quite silly, and labelled 'RETARDS' so it is probably down due to PCness objections.
I am a believer in 'context is everything' when it comes to slang epithets like 'wog' etc.
It is very nasty to refer in person with any of the words, but where gentle humour is the intent, only a creep would object.
I use 'whitey' derisively, when referring to caucasians who have done bad things to persons less-pale; and 'rockstar' when referring derisively to any muso.
Derision is where you MEAN it to be.
We are all Intellectually Disabled in varying ways, so for me RETARD is what brakes do for speed.
The owls were dead-cute though.

Amanda said...

Then colour me a creep.

dogpossum said...

I think I might be a creep as well.
That was a crap joke, offensive and kind of lame. I mean, come on - we're grownups here.

I wasn't going to comment on the site, I was just going to make sure I never visited it again.


Zoe said...

I also am a creep.

In my world, if someone tells me what I've said is offensive, I don't presume they're too stupid to understand me.

F.G. Marshall-Stacks said...

I found the cute owl photo source at Can Has Cheeseburger and note it was captioned "My bruvva he's speshul".
Did your friend recaption it 'retard'?
All of this seems very nasty and I
don't understand it at all.

"the great pageant of the blogosphere embarrassing itself" trundling on, which led me to this unpleasant blog I have never gone to before:
at this post there is a photo of 4 people, yet only 3 are noted by name.
I would be grateful if any of you could explain to me why that would be. While there, I noticed that Amanda Rose is a compiler at that blog, so maybe she could help me?

Anonymous said...

I don't agree that meaning is located in intention, if that's what Mr Marshall-Stacks is implying, but rather is somewhere between text and context (yes, I know we can't hold those two apart with any rigour either!). 'The point' is in narrative self-situation, read in a situation.

And given that, I wouldn't voice my private enjoyment of such a picture even if I did enjoy it, because 'the point' here seems to be provocation and a bit of intertubes stoushing over taking offense versus socially desirable forms of 'getting over it/having a laff', and I think there's really only one way to read it publicly. So yes, I am also a creep.

JahTeh said...

Thank you F.G. I knew I'd seen that photo before since 'I can haz cheeseburger' is my first stop of the day. The photos there can be re-captioned by any person and I knew the caption wasn't what I'd seen originally.

F.G. Marshall-Stacks said...

if the ugly blogger at Troppo had labelled the cute owls 'intellectually challenged'
would you all feel better?
YOU are the ones who mix with Troppo - it has never appealed to me.
I do wonder why Troppo failed to include the person of colour/indigenous traditional owner of Australia, when they captioned the photo in their Latte Set post.
They left out the Abo folks.
Your mate.

I am female and have a Seniors card and all of you know me by another name.

Zoe said...

if the ugly blogger at Troppo had labelled the cute owls 'intellectually challenged'
would you all feel better?
Well I wouldn't, but I don't find disability that amusing by any label.

I haven't read Troppo since the rape "Thread of Doom" myself. And yes, I followed the link and I do know you by another name. But I still disagree with what you're saying.

R.H. said...

My thanks to those who've stood up and objected. Thank goodness there are people who will.

Helen said...

I thought this was worse. The cartoon trivialises the victim's experience to the Nth degree. I can't imagine looking at that cartoon and seeing it as "funny" - there's supposed to be a woman under there, right? All NG could say was that he "liked" it. It just seems that there is a real lack of empathy there which permeates that blog (with the exception of Arthur and Ringschott, maybe.)

lucy tartan said...

I missed that Helen. It's strange.

I still read it for James Farrell's posts, which I enjoy. But that's about it.

R.H. said...

Feminism disgusts me, really. It's so thin. Who are vulnerable to exploitation than the mentally retarded?

What would you rather laugh at, what's worse: a silly woman with nous staying in a situation like that knowing she could get up and leave, or a mentally retarded woman accepting it because she thinks it's normal? The latter situation (which I witnessed as a pre-schooler) is not funny and I would hang them.

Anonymous said...

And as for the log in to make a comment, I really can't be bothered going through the motions to get yet another login ID and password to comment on Troppo. I've only been motivated to do that for one blog so far but that was Creek Running North, a very different kettle of writerly fish.

wv = bowling

lucy tartan said...

I think this discussion has gone on long enough.