Sunday, 16 November 2008


Tomorrow I'm going to Brisbane. I haven't been there before. I'm staying until the 25th. Dorian's coming on Friday, and we'll attempt a 'holiday'. (Suggested short trips out of Brisbane?) The last time I was away from home for that long was when we went to the US in 2004.

I have to finish writing some lectures, and then pack. I bet I forget something really important.


genevieve said...

Phone charger??
Thanks for the nice clip.
( I do not know what it is with Blogger captchas lately - all mine are reading like an arcane language.
"Galiesed" to you all.)

Another Outspoken Female said...

Stradebroke Island (or Morton if you have access to camping equipment and want to camp in the dunes). You can catch a train/bus to the Stradie Ferry then a short bus trip across the island to where most people stay (or take a car if you have one). I had a lovely couple of days there a few years ago, not gold coast flashy more down home with nice beaches a few cafes and a pub (and bloody great seafood fresh off the boat).

Have a lovely holiday. I take it the kitties are being cared for? Has Baz given you permission to go away for so long?

(word verification = "flemple" is that a place to worship phlegm?)

Zoe said...

There are lots of pretty little places to stay around Maleny and the Glasshouse Mountains (just north). And there are very many beautiful places just south, including Mt Tambourine and the Gold Coast hinterland.

Have a lovely time!


genevieve said...

I'm starting a list.


librarygirl said...

Just watch out for the schoolies who may be gathering as we speak.
You could always visit the polar bears at Sea World!
If you are up for a nice longer drive south go to the beautiful Tweed art gallery. Also a couple of weeks ago up there I was taken to a beautiful place for Sunday lunch called Mavis' Kitchen at (I think)a place called Uki.

Mel said...

If you like ginger, go to Buderim. It's the ginger capital of Queensland! (Also quite nice and peaceful.)

Word verification: derdina. Clearly a primary school way to jeer at a girl.

Anonymous said...

There was a move afoot to use turing tests to transcribe words from old books that computer scanners could not cope with - could be that.

It's been ages since I lived there, but you could try for the Glasshouse mountains or Springbrook or Lamington National Park. They are day trip sized distances. My only criterion was to escape the heat so I always headed for the hills.


Elsewhere007 said...


Ampersand Duck said...

Australia Zoo?

cristy said...

I hope that you are enjoying Brisvegas. In case you will be blogging while you are there, I have tagged you in a meme.