Friday, 7 November 2008


There is a curtain across a doorway at the back of the house, in the shanty section. I'm not sure why it's there really as it's always tied back. The cats enjoy hiding behind it and jumping out at whoever happens to be passing. Well, Basil and Pudd enjoy doing that, it would never occur to Albie that he could be the jumper if he wanted to, instead of always the jumpee.

Residents of the blogosphere have recently expressed their pleasure in seeing how dirty other people's floors are, so I thought I'd do my bit and post this picture. The vinyl here looks dirty even when it's just been cleaned, so I don't really invest much effort into cleaning it. Some of the stains here are probably cat food trails. That black thing is not a bit of bark but a load of dirt stuck to a gummy patch where there was once a strip of sticky tape. There was sticky tape on the floor because when we moved here we intended to polish the boards in this hallway bit as well as everywhere else, and we removed the vinyl and masonite in preparation, literally ripping them to bits in the process. Then the boards turned out to have hard black glue all over them which the floor sanders wanted a lot of money to sand through. So we put the ripped up masonite and vinyl back down and I stickytaped over the tears.

There certainly was a mad flurry of frenetic activity on the fixing up of this house, it lasted about a year, and then the will to continue evaporated. Just like that. The laundry ceiling is only painted half-way across.


innercitygarden said...

I forgot to put my slippers on this morning. I walked out to the kitchen and observed that our floors are somewhat overdue for sweeping and mopping. There are little lumps of dried up weetbix.

Then I went to work, and the Bloke and Lad went to the park. Maybe next week we'll clean. At the shop I'm working at the cat poos next to it's tray, so every morning starts with cleaning the floor.

librarygirl said...

I think floor washing is a greatly over rated activity. Some of the floor in this house (kitchen, entry) is dark slate - I think I've washed it once in three years.
(have mopped up spills). This makes me sound like a slut in the old fashioned sense of the world but you truly don't see any dirt. It does get vacuumed weekly (ish).

Ampersand Duck said...

Hooray! I love validation of my utter sluttiness (wot Library grrl said about it). Our floor was given a deliberately distressed look (grey paint, sanded and scuffed then varnished over) so that it is impossible to tell if it clean unless you're not wearing shoes, at which point it reveals itself to be as gritty as a pair of Dr Scholl sandals.

As well, as you've probably witnessed, the builders left us little jobs to do to finish our renovated kitchen/living area, like paint over the old light fitting marks and patch a few wee holes. Four years later...

Poor Alby. Smarter than Pudd but in different ways!

[ovelessn! loving the new Delphic doorbitch we all seem to be getting]

Pavlov's Cat said...

Yes, the floor is impressive. But I think the Best thing about this photo is the way Pudd's eyes exactly match the curtain.

Zoe said...

Look! Ads with giant kitten-headed people!

lucy tartan said...

People-bodied kittens!

Rebekka said...

I thought it was only me who had half-painted surfaces.

And Ampersand Duck, "it is impossible to tell if it clean unless you're not wearing shoes, at which point it reveals itself to be as gritty as a pair of Dr Scholl sandals."

That's not dirt, it's reflexology.