Friday, 31 October 2008


Of course, CSH is (as usual) dead right - we've already all heard far far too much about the poo in the icecream and there is really no way the seemingly neverending deluge of updates on the 'story' can be construed as newsworthy. However that said I would like to note that not one of the cretins interviewed in this ridiculously pofaced article about how dreadfully the hotel has handled the public relations aftermath & how they might go about fixing their image appears to have thought to say that really, they simply shouldn't have done it in the first place and actually it's not that desirable that they do fix their image, even if that were possible, which honestly, it's not.

While we're on the subject of unforgivably bad behaviour I have been whiling away odd moments here and there trying to imagine the mental processes and environment behind two BBC radio presenters broadcasting themselves ringing up Andrew Sachs's answering machine and shouting into it sexually explicit remarks about his granddaughter (and the rest). Honestly, what's that all about? In what psychological universe does that ever look like a good idea? I find it harder to grasp than National Socialism. Eventually I reached the usual conclusion; that when people are paid far too much money for doing something really not very grand they inevitably shed all vestiges of the self-doubt that provides a safety brake on the worst sorts of prattishness. But I don't know who these men are. Maybe they're just exceptionally fuckwitted.

Well, if all this stupidity and nonsense and Alan Greenspan etc is too much for you, you could always go and see Man on Wire for some genuine clarity and perspective. Myself, tomorrow I am going to the Whittlesea Agricultural Show. There will be fancy chickens.


innercitygarden said...

I found myself last night describing that pub to friends, because I have been there. Then as I spoke I remembered the occasion I'd been there for, and did some quick maths, and retracted everything I'd said about the type of pub it is on the grounds that my experience is a little out of date.

I was there for the 21st birthday of a friend who will be 34 next week.

Mike said...

I was whinging about how the au media are running on squick even before the CBH thing. Then on Tuesday I flicked through the Herald's arts supplement and Bruce Elder was telling me that he has psoriasis. God how I wish I'd made that last sentence up, but it's true.

I think the CBH was sufficiently degenerate back in the old days that its reputation should never be allowed to recover. Unless maybe if they knocked it down and salted the ground it stood on.

livebird said...

Heh, heh. 'Pofaced'. Heh. Snicker.

(Not one of your more sophistimacated readers, obviously)