Sunday, 21 September 2008

Ninja cat comes closer while not moving


Ampersand Duck said...

Damn, I was just about to post this. I ADORE it.

It makes me think of the 'Blink' episode of Dr Who. Except furrier.

David said...

Almost two and a half million people have watched this video. Or rather, it has been watched almost two and a half million times.

Anonymous said...

Um... shall I be a meanie? Maybe I am wrong but I think it is a cheat.

Each time the camera tracks/pans to the right, it stops and some frantic rearrangement goes on. The clue is that the image goes to black completely; evidence to the contrary is provided by the evenness of the return as the corners of the room and the horizontals stay in the same place, which is harder to do if there is a delay and the camera is put down.

However, with that much preparation and intelligent construction of a joke, the problem can be solved in several different ways.

Still funny and fascinating, and the video of actually doing it would be hilarious as a part two.

Maybe I am the only person who ever assumed it wasn't a piece of fiction.

- barista

lucy tartan said...

But, but, but....! Cats sneak around like that! They really do! It could still be a fake of course. Still makes me laugh, a lot, either way.

Anonymous said...

I rilly liked your piece about Andrew James, btw.