Tuesday, 15 July 2008

World Youth Day

The pope is in Sydney! How nice for Sydney. But what is he doing there? Better watch some relevant Father Ted videos to find out.

General Catholicism activities:

Today's youth:

And today's youth ministries.


Fyodor said...

And you said you could get tired of Fr. Ted. Pfft, you scuttering gobsheen you.

On a personal note, although the disruption involved with WYDSYD is fucking infuriating, the Katholic Kids are very well-behaved and a German youth even offered to help me jump a fence today, so that was nice.

Rob said...

Lucky Sydney indeed. They seem to have an obsession up there with disruptive public events - witness last years APEC. They also seem a trifle heavy handed with the legislation to 'control' the populace during such events.

lucy tartan said...

I'm just going to watch that Mrs Doyle one again before I go home. A good day's work.

innercitygarden said...

I'm a bit out of date with Catholic Youth Activities, but Lapsed Catholic Activities this week include driving down William St Melbourne and taking a moment to decide if hitting the pilgrims who are walking on the road (for no good reason, there was plenty of footpath available) is ok. After all, they have God on their side, and they're going to a better place.

My mother outlaw got out the JPII tea towels in celebration. We got the JPII bottle opener.

Ben.H said...

Those pilgrims in the roadway sound like the godbotherers who went to the Revival Centre at the Vogue Theatre in Adelaide on Tuesday nights, and felt the need to demonstrate their faith afterwards by crossing Belair Road without looking, clutching their bibles and walking into the traffic.

Anonymous said...

Sophie here: I have never watched Father Ted before, but you have CONVERTED me.

I have been alarmed by all the singing and dancing of the pilgrims. Methodists are quieter.

cranky said...

Dougal: "The ants are back Ted"

"You'd better get going, because milk gets sour. Unless it's UHT milk, but there's no demand for that. Because it's shite."

I love Father Ted. Used to go out with an Irish boy who told me how he cried for a week when Ted died (that's in RL, not TVL)

lucy tartan said...

I've been feeling baffled since yesterday about Fyodor's comment - did I really claim I was sick of Father Ted? I must have done if he says so, yet today it seems absolutely clear to me that a person who is sick of Father Ted is sick of life. It is the greatest show ever made.

Fyodor said...

It's entirely possible you didn't say so, Miss Tartan, as you are generally possessed of exceptional taste and judgement. However, I remember it so and am now reading your entire blog several times over looking for the reference. I may be a while. It was damned helpful of you to make the bloody thing so entertaining*, otherwise this might be a tadge tedious**.

*Particularly those early, funny bits.
**Sorry, that was originally unintentional, then I couldn't stop myself in the unholy presence of a truly godawful pun.

lucy tartan said...

I found it, Fyodor. You've got a good memory. It was nearly three years ago.


I meant that it's no longer funny after five or six viewings in a row on the same day. But I'm not so sure of that any more.

Fyodor said...

Many thanks - I missed that comment when scanning 2005. Probably because I was distracted by the Statuary Friday posts.

"I meant that it's no longer funny after five or six viewings in a row on the same day."

You see, that sounds logical, until you falsify it with, say, these choice clips:




lucy tartan said...

I keep coming back, in spirit, to the poor old St Luke's youth group.


Fyodor said...

Yah. That'd be the cannibalism.

Me, I prefer Mrs Doyles on literature:


"Get your bollocks out of my face"