Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Another reposted post from the Ancien Regime of yore

More repostings today. I was going to apologise but then I thought, no.

"Cardinal Biggles! Fetch.....THE SOFT CUSHIONS!!!", originally screened May 14, 2005.

* * *

We made our beautiful floor cushions yesterday, hurray! and they turned out so well that in their honour we spontaneously shifted round all the living-room furniture to accommodate them, and additionally we are now considering applying to Channel 31 about hosting our own lifestyle program. The show would have all the usual segments about how to make bacon and pineapple cake, how to build an aircraft carrier out of MDF, how to break into your neighbour's house and paint their rumpus room purple etc, but the gimmick would be that Baz would be the host. He certainly "helped" a lot during the cushion-making enterprise.

Dorian bought some cotton padding of the kind used inside futon mattresses. As soon as the cat saw this he made a bee-line for it.

While he sat there looking mighty pleased with himself we measured out and cut up our kimono silk lengths.

I sewed up the seams and Dorian pressed them flat. Baz meanwhile worked on making sure the cotton padding was evenly kneaded.

Then we put the covers onto the padding, which made the cat a bit angry.

But he's a clever Baz, and before too long he understood why we were putting the cover around the cotton fluff.

Next we vacuumed up all the bits of white cotton fluff that had transferred to the outside of the cushions. Once again, Basil assisted to the best of his ability.

Then I stitched the open end closed and voila!

And after installation in spontaneously rearranged loungeroom....

* * *

Here endeth the repost. And for the record I will state that eighteen months ago those two cushions were cut in half and restitched to make four smaller square ones, and about a year after that one cat pooed himself on one cushion, and few months after that a different cat was sick all over another, and then I stuffed them bodily into the washing machine (the cushions not the explosive cats) and the colours ran. Such is life.


Ampersand Duck said...

The thing I most admire is Dorian helping! A man who is not all thumbs! *sigh*

Bummer about the fate of the cushions, but it sounds like they are/were living a full life and giving much pleasure, which is better than being kept under plastic or something.

Chris Boyd said...

OMG, home beeeyoootiful.

Loved your latest SARS post, BTW.

librarygirl said...

Strangely enough, I think that couch is the same as mine. With vinyl sides and drink rest mirrors?

lucy tartan said...

It had cloth sides but they were so old the cloth was decaying. Wouldn't surprise me if similar couches had had the cloth replaced with something more sturdy.

We put the couch on the nature strip in the end. And those orange armchairs.

Anonymous said...

This is a sad version of Home Beautiful, where things reach the end of their natural life and furnishings go to their great loungeroom in the sky.

The armchairs look like ones my grandparents had, orange when I was a lass, green in my yoof, and now one is red at my Mum's, and tother is lovely beige at my uncle's. The lamp, on the other hand, is the same as one at Nanna's. Can't say the family fought over it when Nan died.

Drewzel said...

This one was always one of my fave posts...the craft! The kitteh! The decorating! I am somewhat saddened to know the fate of the cushions, I would have preferred to live in blissful ignorance.

The dog always chews the corners off my cushions, so it seems pets and glam cushions just do not get along. Sigh.

lucy tartan said...

Well despite the running dye and so forth, we're still using them (some live outside though) and it's a good excuse to make some new ones - at some indefinite date in the future when there's time to do it....

Jeremy said...

Bloody hell, Dorian looks almost exactly like Monster!