Friday, 6 June 2008


That is the picture which was occupying most of this page when I viewed it a little while ago. I was (am) looking for pictures of David Garrick (I've decided to attempt a semester of powerpoints with few words and many images).

The page is titled "Albert Finney as 'Hamlet', National Theatre, 1975".

The photo caption says:
Albert Finney as 'Hamlet'
Photographer Unknown
The National Theatre at the Old Vic, London
Black and White Photograph

It was only when I'd read that last bit about the black and white photograph for the third or fourth time that it gradually began to dawn on me that there's been a mistake with the picture file, and this ISN'T actually a picture of Albert Finney playing Hamlet at the Old Vic in 1975.

I thought the person in the panto cow suit was Albert / Hamlet, and Rosencrantz and Guildenstern were the dames.


Anonymous said...

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lucy tartan said...

you are so spammer! and so is your blog, and your mum, and your dad, and your girlfriend.

David said...

I think the last line re: Finney's Hamlet could easily have lulled you into thinking that was him in the centre. It doesn't actually outright say la vache qui rit though.

innercitygarden said...

If Bell Shakespeare do Hamlet next season in cow suits we'll know where they nicked the idea...

Pavlov's Cat said...

You left out the horse that spammer rode in on, which is quite surprising given the subject of the post. Also, is there such a thing as anti-Bazlotto?

Zarquon said...

Wow, that looks hot.

I mean those costumes would be stifling to wear.

Ampersand Duck said...

I would REALLY enjoy a production of Hamlet as pantomime. Especially if the audience could shout out things like




Just like you did to that spammer just then. Pure panto call-out.

Helen said...

I was thinking that all this time (and of course I am no expert like you guys) I must have TOTALLY failed to understand Hamlet. Phew.

Now, this is spooky: Word verification = iicow.


Helen said...

Or rather, Mooooooo!

Zarquon said...

I think there might be a bit of "HE'S AHIND YOU" in the RSC production, but it's been years since I saw it. Definitely audience participation, though.

lucy tartan said...

I've got absolutely nothing sensible to say except that I'm still getting laughs out of the thought of Albert Finney doing Hamlet dressed as the front end of a pantomime cow.

Ann O'Dyne said...

and David Garrick wrote Heart Of Oak which is the tune we all know from the old ABC news broadcast intro., the part played has the lyric

"heart of oak ... are our ships,
heart of oak ... are our men.
We're always at the ready,
St-e-a-dy boys, steady"