Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Stripy train boxes

What are these boxes at the station?

I've been wondering for some time, but today was the day I remembered to take my camera when I went out.

There are two on the single platform at my station. A few weeks ago I was buying a ticket and a man in a work shirt and work hat was laying a carefully cut out glowing yellow parallelogram of Contact over one of the yellow segments, I couldn't see what difference it made nor did it go any way toward indicating what the purpose of the box is in the first place.


David said...

Expect Myki to magically emerge any moment.

TimT said...

Can't say I've seen them, except maybe at North Melbourne Station, where they are currently 'upgrading'. The principle features of this upgrade, so far, seem to be a lack of seats for commuters waiting for a train.

lucy tartan said...

Oh, Myki. What a pity.

Miss Schlegel said...

Did you consider asking the work-hat man?

I would have considered it. Then I would have been to shy, and not.

Are you like me?

lucy tartan said...

Yes I considered it and didn't ask him.