Saturday, 24 May 2008

Kevin, it is not the pictures that are revolting, it is YOU who are revolted

(With apologies to Dr Cat for stealing her line, above)

You know how Betty Friedan discovered that thing about housework - i.e., it expands to fill the time available? Same principle applies to Albie and the terrifying adventure of coming inside through the catflap in the evenings. He has all the time in the world so it takes him a couple of hours to get himself worked up enough to come in through the door. None of the cats like the new catflap but he's really taken it hard. I went out into the yard about 90 minutes ago to get some herbs for the tomato sauce I was making, and there he was hanging around the back steps trying to summon up the courage to make a dash for it. And he only just came in then, less than one second ago.

That pathetic condition could be our life if we don't watch out. We need artists to take our minds out of our own narrow existences, especially to places we don't know we are capable of going to. We need imagination. So we got rid of one prime minister who didn't want to know this and replaced him with another one pretty much just about the same.

Mr Rudd, we need more sustaining food than iced vo-vos and a cup of tea; and if you can't provide it, at least have the grace and sense not to get in the way of those who can.

here endeth the Readers' Digest bewilderingly mixed-metaphoric homily for today


innercitygarden said...


I thought for a second I'd finally won Bazlotto. But I haven't. I'm one short.

If we can't have Art, will you create more Feline-Based Gambling Services to fill the void?

lucy tartan said...

Be warned, in some of those photos Basil is not wearing any clothes.

Pavlov's Cat said...

1) You are very welcome to use the line whenever you see fit. It is, I agree, particularly apt here.

2) Very nice catflap allegory there. But if we are the cats, and artists are the catflap, ie a difficult yet rewarding entry to a warmer world with food bowls in it, then what is the prime minister? The principle of fear? Ew.

3) BAZLOTTO!!! (And an all-naked Baz at that.)

Ben.H said...

BAZLOTTO!!! I think your machine needs resetting.

Suse said...

Does he do the bum wag before hurtling through the flap? As if he's stalking it?

I almost had Bazlotto, but for something titled The Dorky Family.

Suse said...

ps. I saw a LOLcat translation of the bible recently and thought of you.


TimT said...


innercitygarden said...

Everyone's just saying they've got Bazlotto just to make me feel bad. It's like high school all over again.

lucy tartan said...

*snort* yeah, I suspect some bullshitting is going on hereabouts, to be totally frank.

It's just not that easy to get bazlotto, and I take very strong exception to recent hints that I might have fiddled the numbers.


but still, grudgingly yet emphatically, congratulations to Pavlov's Cat, Ben.H and TimT. I hope you enjoy the glory and the congratulations because that is all the prize you get.

lucy tartan said...

Suse, that Dorky Family is ME and MY BROTHER, not just any old random dorky family.

In that photo I am about sixteen and have fake tan on my legs. oh the lols.

Albie can't wiggle his bum, he's too scared.