Tuesday, 6 May 2008


I'm trying to decide how to spend the rest of the evening.


Continue abusing generously provided institutional access to online OED for sole purpose of personal amusement?

Buy another copy of Mansfield Park off eBay?

Plug in telly stolen out of hard rubbish pile in order to watch Gordon Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares, which according to the newspaper is extra sweary tonight? (by the way have you noticed how everyone is constantly chucking out perfectly good televisions now? It's that evil baby bonus)

Eat custard? Try on my shoe collection? Put some ads on my blog? >lol<

Finish attaching the tall and very wobbly bookshelf to the wall?

Lie on something with a cat? Look at pictures of cats? (You don't read so much about harbls these days, why?)

Mark another shitload of essays? No. Yes. No.


Anonymous said...

most of those options sound quite pleasant, but how will I ever fully understand Tommy if you don't complete your analysis?

Ampersand Duck said...

I second that emotion

Fyodor said...

Write post about godawful student essays?

Ah, go on. You will.

innercitygarden said...

The Gordon Ramsay wasn't the best episode ever. If you didn't watch it you don't need to feel deprived. I kept getting distracted.

lucy tartan said...

I watched it, actually, and for good measure, the show about ladettes afterwards. I agree, it lacked grandeur.

David said...

I said to Mia last night, is there a channel that only shows Gordon Ramsay? That's what it FUCKING feels like.

genevieve said...

No, David, there are only channels that show CSI, Law and Order and Midsomer Murders. I can never understand why that show goes for longer than an hour - can't they solve anything quicker than that?

Love Maggie and Simon though. Wish they'd give me something to eat. I want Eatervision.

Thirds to the motion on the Tommy post. PLEAAASSSE.

lucy tartan said...

Don't talk about cooking shows, please, I haven't had lunch, and I don't see any prosepct of getting any now

Zarquon said...

Why not put advertising on the cats and then have them mark the essays?

Everyone will cheer when their mark for an essay is "LOL" or "needs more cheezburgers"

lucy tartan said...

Do you know how hard it is not to write 'lol' on essays sometimes? It's hard, my friend.

Zoe said...

So you're marking them out of 5 stars instead?

Bernice said...

Wombat stamps. Given Mac Uni's lead on compulsory volunteer work for its' undergrads, an announcement of which had a yakking head from the pro-vice referring to "students in the classroom" - well obviously the new way forward is wombat stamps & I think LOL would resonate with the youff in these days of educational service provision.

And re ads - no. This be why Bernice no longer lurches at LP (but tell anyone)

lucy tartan said...

Don't worry I have no plans to put ads on cats or blogs