Wednesday, 30 January 2008

orrow at ill bend

The S key on my laptop is being recalcitrant. It has to be really pushed hard to get it to do anything at all.

This is not the reason I haven't updated my blog for ages, although it is annoying me greatly now that I actually have a few things to say. I foresee I shall have to find ways of saying them without using any esses.


Bwca said...

go Elizabethan with f inftead?

'forrow at fillf bend' ?

lucy tartan said...

a very good idea.

Thank you very much for offering a copy of the book of Mitford mail. If it be the one by Charlotte M, I have it already!

(I'm getting the hang of avoiding that one letter...)

rowan said...

Maybe you could turn your blog into an elaborate Oulipian type project, a la Perec, in which you avoid 'that one letter' from now on in everything you write - just like I have managed to do (with great difficulty) in this (doh!) ... in my comment.

Cast Iron Balcony said...

Laura, that ucks, it must hit you no end.

David said...

More pleae

dogpossum said...

snap. My R key is rooted. So I have to press it differently. Which means that it screws up the rest of my typing.

Drewzel said...

Cast iron balcony's comment cracked me up!

Do you have toast crumbz stuck under it? that's usually my problem, food in the keyboard.
What always amazes me though, is when I turn my keyboard at work upside down and shake's full of dog hair (and chocolate.)
How do pets do it?