Sunday, 6 January 2008

Limp Cat Blogging

It's unnerving coming across this animal spreadeagled upon the floor: in doorways, between whitegoods, or washed up against the legs of tables and chairs, as illustrated. Usually he's got his eyes shut and, to be perfectly honest, he looks like he's dead. That's what's creepy. But it's not death so much as extreme relaxation.

Pudd is of course the upside-down kitten pictured in this post from just over a year ago. I've been wondering if the tendency to splay oneself with abandon is genetically determined or if it's a consequence of the absolute safety and security of the environment in which he was reared.


elaine said...

firstly, BAZ-LOTTO!

secondly, my Lola has spent vast parts of the last week in similar positions - limp, draped, sleeping through the heat.

Every so often she will find me and look at me as if to say 'well, DO something about this!' ree-ow.


Zoe said...


I too have been limp, and will continue to be so for the immediate future.

Ampersand Duck said...

Wow, a much more relaxed kitty, apart from the anti-camera face. Padge does this too, but because he's black and our house is buffeted against heat with drawn curtains and lights off, he gets trodden on regularly. Doesn't seem to deter him.

Mindy said...

Our boy cat seems to do it more than the girls. He likes to drape himself over the arms of the couch or lie on his back on the bed with all four paws in the air. He really is master of his domain. But he is also a very leany cat and likes to lean against your shoulders and such.

Cozalcoatl said...

Darwin our dog does the same can she be asleep with all 4 legs up in the air. They must be able to lock them, cause after 10 seconds of holding ones arm up is bloody uncomfortable.
Keep trying to get photos but everytime I reach for the camera she moves.
Still funny though.

Xtin said...

'Scuse me while I scritch the belly-fuzz.

scritch scritch scritch

bernice said... it what you will...also having handy slaves to scratch one's hard to reach places .