Friday, 18 January 2008

20thC women in tubes

Women workers install fixtures and assemblies to a tail fuselage section of a B-17F bomber at the Douglas Aircraft Company, Long Beach, Calif.
Originally uploaded by The Library of Congress.

A few blogs have posted images today from a bunch of irresistible photographs the Library of Congress has uploaded to Flickr - this stuff was accessible all along, but the formidableness of the LoC catalogue interface effectively keeps most of us out of places like that.

The one above reminded me of 2001: a Space Odyssey:


Ben.H said...

This is so good - thanks for pointing it out.

Also, women outside tubes here and here.

genevieve said...

The beauty of this new 'collection' is that all these images are out of copyright - which does beat fishing around any picture collection for same.
Didn't realise the LOC catalogue was quite such a cluttered creature - I might try comparing it to the NLA's picture collections sometime.

David said...

More please (more women in tubes even, or more something else).

alexis said...

Unrelatedly, you probably need to see this.

David said...

More please

lucy tartan said...

Yeah, yeah, yeah! You think you've got problems with a beagle with a bucket on her head? I've got a cat with yellow gunk pouring out both ends. You don't want me to blog about that I take it.