Sunday, 11 February 2007

dear diary

the next two weeks are going to be kind of busy ones:

Monday, Tuesday: finish thesis chapter

Wednesday: get house

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday; pull up carpet and horrible vinyl and take out benches and cupboards that we don't want (including the Bar, I am sorry to say), move small and/or fragile possessions, try to get some paint on the walls & ceilings even if it's only sample pots. The three main living areas are all having some changes made which mean that painting them now would be a waste of time. So I might just paint our bedroom and leave it at that for the time being (gnashes teeth)

Saturday, Sunday, Monday: floors are being sanded and painted. We could carry on with our projects in the back part of the house while this goes on in the front, as long as it's not too noisy and dusty and smelly. But I think it probably will be. So Saturday and Sunday will most likely be spent washing windows, mowing etc at the old house with intermittent trips to the new one with carloads of potplants and suchlike

Monday: go to Mildura and work out what to do with my new students in the orientation program the following day

Tuesday: do said orientation program, get home about 8pm for a fun evening of box-packing

Wednesday: take apart large pieces of furniture, last-minute packing, as much final cleaning as is practicable

Thursday: the movers come to do the piano, the large furniture and whatever boxes are left (hopefully not terribly many.) Spend afternoon back at the old house finishing the cleaning. Basil will enjoy a morning barricaded in the laundry at the old house and an afternoon wailing and cowering in the spare bedroom at the new one.

Friday: give back keys (fingers crossed that goes smoothly), unpack some boxes, play with furniture etc. In the afternoon drive up to Hepburn Springs to see The Handsome Family (yay!).

Saturday: more unpacking. Retirement party in the evening (Not mine)

Sunday: sleep.


librarygirl said...

Lordy. What a schedule. Hope there is a bottle of gin and some Lindt chocolate factored in there somewhere.

lucy tartan said...

Last night I was unpacking a bag of groceries and a block of chocolate fell out and the pointy corner hit me on my bare foot, and it frigging hurt.

kate said...

Oh dear, the chocolate bites back?

Good luck with the busy, but hopefully also exciting week ahead, and remember that moving day requires pizza and beer, otherwise it's not official and They make you move back.