Friday, 1 December 2006

More utterly damning evidence

It would seem that theendoffalsereligion has been near for at least one hundred years, if this photograph (Maine, c1890s) is anything to go by.

Repent now, avoid the rush.


Ben.H said...


dogpossum said...

the only part of your blog The Squeeze reads is these weird cats-milk-cow photo bits. And he doesn't really read them, he mostly looks at them.
Actually, it's more like he stares. And stares. And smiles a bit.
When asked "what do you like about these photos?" he replies:
"It's feeding the kitties. Because Kitties like milk."
Need I add that, when faced with overwhelming cuteness and Forbidden Kitties*, he loses control of his vocabulary?

*I am allergic, and so all cats are banned. Forever.

dogpossum said...

and i don't understand the religion bit. not at all. i know there's a joke here, i'm sure of it. but it's like i'm looking at those pictures that were really popular a few years ago where, from most angles, it's just a bunch of squiggly pattern. then suddenly, hu-LOH, there's E.T. or a shark or something.

i never did see that shark.

lucy tartan said...

No, I never saw it either - well to be truthful, I can only see the images in negative, so where there's meant to be a mound I see a cutout. Very frustrating.

I would not like to similarly frustrate anybody with my blog. The religious connection with archival photographs of rustic dairy cats is highly tenuous and strained. All it boils down to is a vague idea that the apocalyptic types view "unnatural" things, like cats standing on their back legs, or women doing jobs that God created for men, as a sign that the end is near.

Dorian remarked of the first one of the cats drinking squirted milk photos that it "tells you a lot", and that seems true to me. It does. I wanted to find out more about that picture so I searched about on the internet a bit; I didn't find any information about that first photo, but found this second one instead, plus lots of verbal references to cats on dairy farms being given milk straight from the cow.

Mao the Burmese Cat said...

Of course it tells you stuff.


*scratches floorboards*

Lissen up, simian nanobrain. The answers is:

It is right in front of you. That is it.

PeeS Loosy say hi to Baz an also tell him I've got some top chicken next.

lucy tartan said...

I'll tell him Mao but he won't be impressed. Baz is strictly a fish man.