Monday, 20 November 2006

The End of False Religion is Getting Nearer....Look! It's Behind You

One hundred and fifteen search hits today for "the end of false religion is near." I may have spoken too early the other day in so positively asserting that this is a done deal. I'm not going to take sides on this one. It's too big an issue. All I can do is tabulate the evidence and leave it to speak for itself.

  • Over the last week or so I've noticed an alarmingly high number of young men going about with half-grown moustaches on their upper lips. Supposedly they're doing that Movember thing to raise money for prostate cancer research. But there are so very many. Seems more likely they're growing moustaches for some TEOFRIN-related purpose which as yet remains shrouded in mystery.
  • Bloglines appears to be broken! None of my feeds updated today. Aaaaaaaaa
  • Dorian is working on a Christmas mashup. Do you have any idea how many musicians have stealthily, shamefacedly put out dreadful Christmas albums? Aimee Mann. Twisted Sister. Manhattan Transfer. Billy Idol. Kenny G. Aaaaaaaaaaa
  • Today I accidentally went into the mens toilets instead of the womens; does anyone else make this mistake on a semi-regular basis? There was nobody in there at the time but the different furniture is still enough to give one an unpleasant shock. I must say, piddling on the wall is revolting, gentlemen.
  • Also, I really think it's extremely important to go to things like this rally against the federal govt's IR laws at the MCG on November 30 but the organisers have lined up Jimmy Barnes to come along and sing "Working Class Man" and that's just taking things a little bit too far.


cristy said...

"does anyone else make this mistake on a semi-regular basis?"

Unfortunately, yes and it never fails to shock me.

TimT said...

Only when the wall is rusty.

PS I've done it two or three times, and embarassment is my major emotion.

TimT said...

Um, correction: embarassment for wandering into the wrong toilets, not aiming at a defenceless metal wall.

(Exits, stage left, embarassed.)

Fyodor said...

"I must say, piddling on the wall is revolting, gentlemen."

Don't knock it 'til you try it, lady.

Mary Bennet said...

I've sometimes been caught out by not paying enough attention to the symbols on ubertrendy pubs - I mean, bad drawing of bananas and peaches??? - or even worse, unisex loos with blokes who don't shut the door.

Lately I've been wishing doctors could find a less revolting way to ask women for wee samples. Peeing in a jar is far too hard.

Mikhela said...

Wot's Ampersand Duck doing in your photo?

lucy tartan said...


worldpeace and a speedboat said...

what IS that thing? it's not Marty the Monster. it's even weirder. is that even possible?

lucy tartan said...

Whatever it is, it appears to have shrunk in the wash.

Genevieve said...

Aww I do wish you hadn't told me about Jimmy. Will go anyway (grits teeth).