Monday, 20 November 2006

another campus place that's nice

On either side of the 'vice-chancellor's garden' there's a big shrubbery, then a path, then a brick building. The buildings are two stories high and they have a floating concrete walkway on the second level which you can walk under. Walking around much of the campus you're either walking on or underneath one of these concrete walkways. They're a big part of the reason why it doesn't feel crowded when everyone's moving from one lecture theatre to another.

Anyway down the centre of the shrubberies are these strips of mossy ground shaded by elms. Between each tree is a low square wooden bench for sitting on while you eat, read, write, or stare into space. They're not really designed for conversation - you can basically only sit cross-legged in the middle, or sit on one side with your back to the remainder. A bit anti-social. In a nice way. When you sit on one of these your head is about level with the tops of the bushes on each side. So even though you're right next to the foot traffic and you can see it and hear it, you feel private and enclosed in a bubble of leafy green.

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cristy said...

Your pictures of La Trobe remind me of the ANU. I really love all the gardens and little sanctuaries around the campus.

The absence of these is also what I most dislike about UNSW.