Wednesday, 11 October 2006

the public has a right to know

I got a new bag and Baz appropriated the wadded-up tissue paper with which it was stuffed. Nothing pleases a cat like eight or nine wrinkled pieces of tissue paper.

In line with recent motions in favour of decluttering the house and saving money, Dorian bought fifty-one framed photographs of horses and greyhounds winning races.

Those will come in useful.

I am no better. I bought another copy of Mansfield Park.

This one was published in the 1920s but the illustrations were done twenty-five years earlier. I must stress this is not how it looks, ie like some sort of pathetic illness. I need them. I am studying them, and writing about them. And this book and the other one, bought for a lot less than their real market value, will go on increasing in worth; as D pointed out this may be the first time my education has given me an advantage in financial matters. Hooray!

You would think it was kind of obvious that these pretty little drawings have had a rather large influence on how Jane Austen is imagined, but it looks like nobody's really researched it much before.

And look what was in the letterbox this morning (along with a gummy lolly called "Trolli", which was, appropriately, lizard-shaped and very sour indeed)

Awww! Thanks Duckie. I love it.


Ampersand Duck said...

Yay! It arrived! I love the way the cat photos have been touched up to make them less fuzzy: proto-photoshopping.

Glad you like it (and the lizard)!

They've been hanging around for ages waiting to be sent, along with Kate's serviettes.

Ampersand Duck said...

And don't you already have some of those race pictures up on the wall? Noice collection, Dorian! Love the 'Breakdance' calligraphy.

elsewhere said...

I've found there's nothing a cat likes so much as a nice piece of A4 paper. Must be the right size to siton.

Zoe said...

Laura, there's a talk at the National Library soon on using eBay to bolster scholarly collections. It's not you, is it?

lucy tartan said...

I'm surprised you could part with it, Duck ;)

Yes we do already have quite a lot of horse pictures. I think we might have to open a bar.

Not me, no, Zoe.

kate said...

My Dad has horse pictures - he bought shares in the horses first though, which is much more expensive than just getting the pictures.

Unfortunately the books (like my art collection, based on the same theory) is only a financially wise investment if you are actually prepared to sell them when their value increases. Rather than holding on to them while you starve to death ("but it's too pretty, take the fridge, I don't need that so much")

lucy tartan said...

So true Kate. I think a painting would be much harder to sell than a book.

Drewzel said...

"Well, I'll be jiggered!" sounds rather painful.
Laura, you "got" a bag? A purchased bag?