Wednesday, 11 October 2006

Corporate Speak

I got a spam today from Commonwealth Bank Of Australia Management Stuff. Classy.


David said...

Not quite in the same class but I was forced to sign up for You Send It this morning, apparently some kind of system whereby you can send super-large files, and I was advised I had to complete all the sections marked with 'an asterick'. Poor old asterisk probably thought it had reached rock bottom in the seventies when people started calling it 'asterix', but no.

JahTeh said...

I had my first political refugee needing to get funds out of some obscure country. Also another cheeky one which used my first name and came in with Gmail.
Does anybody actually buy any off these libido enhancing drugs?

kate said...

I love it when I get herbal libido-enhancers and promises of teenage girly action in the same day. These always come to my university account.