Sunday, 15 October 2006


This morning I made spanakopita, then pakora, then chili. It all only just fitted in the freezer. I had actually intended only to make the spana but there was all this pastry left over hence the pakora, and by then I was finding it difficult to stop.

After that I reread the last three chapters of The Rings of Saturn, pretty much the most incredible book ever written, and thought of absolutely nothing to say about it in a lecture on Tuesday which I will have to write tomorrow.

Then I reread The Birth of Tragedy and understood about sixteen words, up from nine the first time.

Then I had a shower and got dressed. Noticed Basil sleeping in the herb patch, actually on top of a patch of stunted and leathery basil. He had succeeded in losing his collar but it didn't do him any good because I recently recovered a different one he lost several months previously.

Looked for and failed to find a copy of Romeo and Juliet even though Librarything says I have four. Found instead the copy of Diary of a Nobody which I thought was lost and wasted an hour or so reading it instead of The Women of Troy which I should have read today and will have to get on with in just a few minutes from now. Thinking about how I should have been reading Euripides whilst actually reading George Grossmith made me want to read a) Monty Python scripts and b) George Bernard Shaw's parody of Oedipus. So I found and read the Shaw and then daydreamed for a little while.

Several times during this part of the day I went to the kitchen cupboard, picked up a box of rice flour, read the recipe on the side for Shortbread, and contemplated making a batch of Shortbread by following that recipe. I resisted, though.

Then I went to the gym, then I came home, took a shower and cooked dinner, then I watched Australian Idol, sadly missing Bobby's song which seems to have been a sort of creepy revisionist rendition of a Fleetwood Mac song, then I wrote this post, and now we're 100% up to date and I can't put it off any longer....


Ampersand Duck said...

I consider that a highly productive day, whether what you were doing was on-track or not.

Books should come with those 'whistle-sensor' thingies built into them.

Meredith Jones said...

I like the sound of everything you did except the bit of gym madness.

Mindy said...

Mmmmm, pakoras. And what ducky said.

JahTeh said...

I made too much pastry, bought too big a block of camembert (I had to, it was on special) so now I have two large camembert and feta quiches but they freeze beautifully.

genevieve said...

Bobby was pretty bad (I typed Booby the first time.)