Saturday, 9 September 2006

Three episodes and counting

Prefiguring the recent spate of celebrity deaths was our television's demise - last week it just gave up the ghost.

RIP Telly

1978 - 2006

Well done good and faithful servant.

Tonight I'm going to sneak out after dark and add it to the pile of crap languishing on the nature strip a few houses down.

Three episodes is how far behind I am with The Bill: and it's rather an extraordinary feeling, because quite soon I will be so far behind that it will no longer be possible (nor, presumably, tempting) to catch up. Alll those years and this is the way our codependency ends. Not with a bang but a whimper.

We may not get another one. It is all undecided. I am looking at the living room and thinking how nice it would be to put the piano there instead of in one of the messy kid-sized bedrooms we euphemistically call our studies. And since Dorian recently got a new laptop with quite a big screen, I think we should investigate whatever that gadget is that you plug into a computer to make it play television. Does anyone have any advice about that?

I had a little dummy spit in the morning and decided not to do any work work today. In the morning I went to the local convent garage sale, which was disappointing in the extreme, and in a few minutes I'm going to turn off the computer and make a couple of bags. Here are some bits.

The japanese maple outside my study window has gone beserk with Spring.


Zoe said...

Life continues after the Bill. But you must Make Arrangements so as not to miss "Extras".

Also, you shouldn't have orta listened to Fyodor. The orange had it all over the greige.

Lucy said...

We already downloaded Extras off the internet.

Let me think about the orange question. It is more complicated than I had anticipated.

Kate said...

TV PC tuners are indeed available, here's a story that'll explain more:;1003410815

A review of one USB model here:,239029388,240061920,00.htm

They have the advantage of course of being digital and not analog, like ye olde tuner of yore. If you have any more questions, you can email me.

Kate said...

Apologies for the lack of hyperlinks too I am very tired and can't remember the code...

Ron said...

You can always read The Bill episode summaries at the website. I weaned myself off The Bill last year and have never looked back. I started to watch a couple of episodes this year and switched off after a short time thinking how silly the whole programme is.

Please: the orange!! It was just so fresh-looking, different and kinda nice. The current baby's nappy colour is just ... that.

Galaxy said...

Oh, poor television : ( You know it would be as if I had lost a limb. Where can I send flowers?

Ampersand Duck said...

I feel your pain, not about the tv, which I suspect will not be missed much (can you plug the video into the computer?), but about the need to stop working and MAKE SOMETHING whilst looking out upon a nice view.

I vote orange too. Even the door bitch does, in it's odd little way: orjmrnje

Mindy said...

pfffft. Fyodor, he's hardly around these days. Listen to the regulars - we liked the orange. It made me happy.

What do we want - gradual change! When do we want it? In due course. (sorry can't remember where I stole that from.)

tigtog said...


Go the PVR with the big monitor. We're about to upgrade the living-room furniture (finally) and pop up an LCD screen on the wall.

Now, will beta finally let me comment here?

David said...

One can get along very nicely without television (I'm told).

Fyodor said...

Nappy orange, eh?

Oh well. The Cheerocracy has spoken - albeit with only imaginary booty-shakin' hollaback girls.

worldpeace_and_aspeedboat said...

we are woman, watch us shake our collective booties on our own terms.


btw, the Bill is way too dumb, and has been for many a year now. too many explosions. let us not go to Sun Hill: it is a silly place.

Ampersand Duck said...


That made my day. I knew I popped over here for a reason.

Mindy said...

unbazlotto - 5 pics and no Baz. :(