Tuesday, 9 May 2006

a grand day

Well how wonderful. How very, very wonderful! There's nothing else to say.*

*Except that I do hope someone can figure out how to prevent this man from scripting the heartwarming miniseries!


Jellyfish said...

It is indeed great news. So lovely to see Todd's mum so happy, that was tres cute footage.

And perhaps now we'll be able to get a photo of Brant Webb in which he isn't out of focus and leering like a loon? Seriously, was I the only on who thought it looked like the blurry photo they always show of Ivan Milat? You'd think in 2 weeks someone could have dug out a more flattering shot of the poor bloke.

Jellyfish said...

PS - I liked 'The Day of the Roses.' Didn't you? Or are you just, 'Enough with the disasters, dude, write about something other than other people's misery,' etc?

Tim said...

Well, it was better than the ubiquitous "bazooka shot" of David Hicks, but yes, that photo Webb sucked.

I've actually told my loved ones that if I'm ever in a disaster or whatever, and they are asked to provide a photo of me for media use, they'll hand over one of the scary ones of me with a mohawk.

Ampersand Duck said...

Bugger the miniseries... I really do think this is a tantalising concept for a reality tv show.

Celebrity Cages!

Put two celebrities in a cage underground for a week with short rations, a microphone and a digicam and let the fun begin!

Let's start with John Laws and Alan Jones. Oh do, please.

Lucy Tartan said...

Jelly, I like your new picture.

Regarding Misto I just think he should let someone else have a turn at it. He is a bit stuck on playing up trauma and Mateship (still with him a Blokes-only phenomenon) and simultaneously finding somebody to be the scapegoat. In the show about the Thredbo landslide a big deal was made of how heartless it was of tourists to continue their holidays, as if it was somehow their fault a bunch of houses fell off the mountain and twenty people got killed.

No doubt we Australians lap this stuff up but it'd be nice to move on if we possibly could.

I have some beautiful pictures of Dorian for Today Tonight consumption if they're ever needed. One where he's clutching a pug and his mouth is open and the eyes are rolling back in his headis particularly choice.

The Crazy Purple Wombat said...

Once again - I AGREE!! with both the summing up of this day - WONDERFUL (as is your skill in selecting images may I say) and you hopes that the mini-series will go to a more deserving writer. !!!! CPW x x x

The Crazy Purple Wombat said...

Jellyfish - the day of the roses was fine - though it would have been just as tradgic for Paul Mercurio to live without his legs than to die without them in my book... I agree with Lucy Tartan though, I mean if you are there at the snow with a week of work and no refund how are you going to do otherwise than stay there??? (OK it wasn't snowing but you know what I mean???) CPW x x x