Friday, 26 May 2006

and the menus are all in Chinese

Guess this movie. (Hint: it is not Secret Agent)

"This bypnotic late of patap attraction has Fonineas Lua, whose life is corsumed by berp passion for Stefan, a womeniting musician playello her to bear his illegitimate child and enter into a loveless marriage .
This booding, bomantic tragedy isset in lurn of-the-century Vienno-u Pitting Hollwywood detub for the legendery Oustrian director Max Opbuls.

THE CRITERION COLLECTION, a continuing series of both classics and important contemporary films on laserdisc, presents Secret Agent.


Tim said...

Letter From an Unknown Woman (1948)

I cheated.

Jellyfish said...

Vienna, musician, loveless marriage, Max. It's The Sound of Music. OF COURSE.

*wishes she had some of those posters*

Ben.H said...

This is the back cover synopsis of a Hong Kong bootleg DVD of M:I-3 which turns out to actually be 16 Blocks with French subtitles. Also, the back cover reprints the technical credits from Black Hawk Down, while on the front cover for some reason Carrie Ann Moss from The Matrix has been photoshopped next to Tom Cruise. Am I close?

Christine Keeler said...

Letter from an unknown woman. Do I win a prize?

Christine Keeler said...

Oh, Tim beat me to it. I cheated too.

Lucy Tartan said...

Sorry no prizes. Although I'm tempted to give Ms Jelly one.

I promise I will try to do something about those posters. Aside from business I'm a bit concerned that the leftovers are too cruddy to give out, even for free.

Lucy Tartan said...

"aside from business" --?? I *believe* that is meant to read "aside from busyness", ie I have a lot to do, but I'll get the cat onto it this very afternoon.