Saturday, 4 March 2006

A version of Pastoral

Here's a sketch by S.T. Gill - from the 1850s or thereabouts - which instantly reminded me of Brokeback Mountain.


Just Like A Woman said...

How right you are Lucy. Note the posture and body language, and if you squint your eyes a little bit, the sitting one could even pass for the not-too-unfortunate looking Jake Gyllenhaal.
I'll never think of jackeroos (or jillaroos for that matter) in the same way again.

btw I loved your day-trip to Mildura blog, and have already been to Target looking for those devine shoes...alas! nowhere to be seen, they must have been snapped up like hot cakes.


Ampersand Duck said...

Yars, the one lying down looks like he mumbles a lot. I like the natty neckscarf; obviously real silk.

Lucy Tartan said...

The one lying down looks even more like Heath Ledger if you imagine him as he looked in that foolish Ned Kelly movie.

One of the ripple effects of a movie like Brokeback Mountain is its capacity to bring out new angles (new to some of us) on familiar sights and scenes - the remixed/mashed up trailers for Back To The Future & Top Gun etc doing the rounds really show this.

PaoYi said...

I love the body language in miniature Heath lying down - legs crossed towards Jake; hat tilted in a coy fashion; upper body wide open for whatever might happen. What a tease. I wonder where his little Dawsons Creek missus is.

Meanwhile, have you seen his place for sale in Sydney?

I adore the floral corduroy upholstery on his couches - it just screams "gay cowboy"

Kate said...

I like the fact that the boys are lying there having a little tete a tete while the dog is the one actually watching the cattle.

Lucy Tartan said...

Thank you for the headup on Heath's modest little pad. I've been looking for some place to leave my bags when I have to go to Sydney for weekends.