Saturday, 14 January 2006

Weird Habits Meme

Bloody ages ago, Elsewhere kindly tagged me with the weird habits meme, which requires the blogger to fess up to his or her five weirdest habits, as the name might reasonably lead one to expect.

It ought perhaps to be called "the eponymous 'five weird habits' meme".

I like memes - they're kind of like the tinned tomatoes and tuna in olive oil in the pantry of the blog - good standbys which obviate the need for thinking - but this one appeared to be the exception that proved the rule. It seemed nigh impossible to come up with habits that are truly weird as opposed to foul, sickening, dull, or pathetic. And then, of course, Zoe and comicstriphero trumped the known universe with the weirdest habits ever.

Oh well. What the hell. I shall manfully try to play up, play up, and play the game. Here are my five weird habits. I could only think of four, so one of these is NOT REAL. Can you guess which.

1. I whistle "Here's to you, Mrs Robinson," but ONLY in this one particular concrete stairwell in the building my department occupies.

2. Most of winter I eat my way through about a kilo of mandarines each day. I always eat the seeds and also sometimes the peel. Just can't get enough of that mandarinyness!

3. When walking through the man-clothes section of Myers at Northland - which I do often, since its the shortest way to the baby animals shop - I always check the shop dummies for polo shirts with turned-up collars, I always find one or two, and I always turn them down. I encourage you to adopt this habit and propagate it widely.

4. In a restaurant when my food arrives I always spit all over it so nobody will want to share.

5. I like to dress my cat in womens clothes and take many, many photographs of him.

Tagging: Tiffany, Galaxy, Chairman Mao, & Lucy. Also go ahead and take it if you haven't done this one and would like to.


Ben.H said...

I have now been inspired to take up the habit of turning up the collars on dummies, just to keep you people with your weeeeird fetishes occupied.

Do you whistle all of "Mrs Robinson", just the "Here's to you" phrase, or the "Dee-dee-dee-dee" bit?


Zoe said...

Number 5 is a lie! You dress Baz up in all manner of outfits, not just womens clothes.

So thanks for posting number 4. I feel better about mine now.

Lucy Tartan said...

I whistle all of it, not just bits. It's a big staircase.

Mao the Burmese Cat said...

I haves it I dones it I memes!

genevieve said...

Mrs. Robinson should always be whistled in full. I can't quite believe no.4 though.

Brownie said...

Zoe beat me to it - No 5 is the obvious lie - nobody over 10 would dress a cat.

worldpeace_and_aspeedboat said...

I can't stand polo necked shirts, so I'm afraid I can't help with the turning-down of collars. I don't particularly want to touch them if I don't have to...

Lucy Tartan said...

Ah yes I sympathise, but think about it - a turned down polo shirt collar is a whole lot better than a turned up one.

Anonymous said...

You are only really eccentric if you talk to the dummy at the same time.

You know when you stayed with granma and she sent you off to school Dressed Proper?

- barista

Galaxy said...

It took me a few days to get to the meme, but then I was embarrassed that even Mao the Burmese had responded straight away. But then what does he have to do other than exfoliate baldy's head all day? And eat Salmon? And harrass poor innocent kittens?

See the post entitled Me-me-me-me-Meme.