Friday, 2 December 2005

Speaking of Ents... Barista was, in the comments to my last post but two, here is the Thing that lives in my front garden.

Every year, in the first hot spell of summer, Tree here sloughs off the outer layer of bark and, with carefree abandon, scatters it indiscriminately over the ground and path and fence and house and cat and all the poor unfortunate plants in the area which don't happen to be twenty metres high.

A big tree can supply an impressive amount of nuisance value to anyone happening to live under it. But on a day like today, I treasure its permanence and its quiet non-human presence.

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Brownie said...

I love a good tree. sometimes I see trees that are huggable. Today I was on Mt.Mercer (midway between Ballarat and Geelong) and saw a huge huge eucalypt doing that barkshimmy, and 2 grey kangaroos. it was aussie magic.
I notice you have had 9 visitors via Normblog - I bet this was the highlight of their blogday!