Friday, 9 December 2005

Photograph of Wound Received at Occupational Health and Safety Training

What d'ye think -- should I fill out an Incident Report Sheet and forward it to my manager so he can forward it to the Area Head who can then pass it to the Group OH&S subcommittee, who will then pass it to the Central OH&S Employee Relations Advisor, with their recommendations for future preventative action?

I was bored out of my skull listening to about two and a half hours of the above, and playing with the flip-up plastic writing table attached to the side of the chair in the lecture theatre. (The profoundly Alanisean irony was bloody well not lost upon me that this training session, where they tell you what an "EXIT" sign looks like and what the fire drill siren sounds like at this campus, was held in the very same lecture theatre I had my first lecture in as a student, in 1993, like nearly 13 years ago, which I'm sure is longer than any of the HR people have been working at this campus, or even working in HR for that matter.) Yeah well I was playing with the table-thing and a chunk of my flesh got caught in the hinge.

What a great, great, great, great story.


Zoe said...

Another great story: about five years ago some idiot was sending scary packages to former HREOC staff, a few of whom worked at my work. We had an all out emergency evacuation one day because there was a suspicious package wedged in the doorway. It was an OH&S video. On time management.

Lucy Tartan said...

He! he! he! that's a good one.

Marg B said...

ROFLMAO. At both these stories. I thought it was just my workplace (why yes, it is a government department now you mention it.) I don't know whether to laugh or cry at the fact that this kind of bullsh*t is happening EVERY DAY somewhere in Australia. At one stage reproduced a memo that warned about the dangers of serving hard lollies at OH&S training sessions due to several claims by people who had chipped teeth on them in the past seven months. Crikey doubted it was for real. I feared it very well could have been legitimate.