Friday, 28 October 2005

Community TV, is that like citizen journalism?

I was walking past the TV on saturday afternoon, luckily with camera in hand, and this was on Channel 31 -

I immediately stopped to watch, of course, what normal healthy person wouldn't? The televisual fascination was definitely enhanced by the audio accompaniment, which consisted of the tiny muffled cries of infants speaking Mandarin Chinese (subtitles are for wimpz.)

It appeared to be some sort of maverick, narcissistic, unprofessional, unmoderated Little Red Riding Hood show. But who can say for sure what these weirdos think they're up to? If I want to be told a fairy tale, I'll ask the Brothers Grimm thank you very much.


Ampersand Duck said...

Our digital tv contract comes with complimentary stations such as Bloomberg (stockmarket reports!), CNN and the House of Reps and Senate. Gripping stuff, and every now and again they give us bonuses such as ABC2 and Senate committees. hooray! Of course, I never watch any of them. I only get the bloody thing because it's thrown in with my broadband internet access.

When I do sit and flick (usually for a short lunch break) I get stuck on the the Chinese channel, which has amazing soapies. No subtitles, but who needs them? They speak the international language of heavily made-up divas and studs with extraordinary camera-angles and scene cuts. Lots of gasps and accusations. I get quite mesmerised. The soapies in period costume are just the bomb.

Your glimpse looks like a wacky Inuit Playschool. Fun!

Lucy Tartan said...

Channel 31 is like community radio, except on the telly. It's fantastic. Saturday afternoon is exquisite, with the battle of the suburban singing schools, all derived from YTT - Jamie Redfern's is the creme de la creme.
Senate committee sessions, god, that sounds rivetting!

Jellyfish said...

Wow. Random asian kiddie showtunes on channel 31! *hurries home*

But dont you be knocking the Jaanz School of Singing, my friend. They are grooming some serious talent. I believe the slogan is, "Creating Tomorrow´s X-Factor Runner-Up Today."

Also, what about the guru on ch 31? The guy who just talks and talks and talks and TALKS. One day, my bro and I resolved to watch until he actually made a point. And after about 20 minutes of smirking and waffling he came to the point: BREATHING. Apparently, its all about BREATHING! BREATHING is the one crucial thing keeping us alive. OH MY GOD, ALL THESE YEARS IVE BEEN ALIVE AND NOBODY TOLD ME.