Wednesday, 14 September 2005

worth 20% of final result

I'm still here - buried somewhere underneath one hundred thousand words worth of essays which somehow have to be marked.

In other news, I'm On Your Computer has fecked off. Feckity feck feck. It's like the End Times or something??

Normal posting will (probably) resume as soon as Dorian fixes my home computer.


jo(e) said...

Haven't you yet discovered that -- when you've got papers to grade -- blogging is the best form of procrastination?

Ampersand Duck said...

That is fecking good news (that you're still alive, not that a good blog has gone down)!

Brownie said...

Hi Laura - I hesitate to distract you from your workload but in regard to your Lit/Film adaptation interest, I want to tell you about a book Film Flam, essays on Hollywood, Larry McMurtry, 1987; my opshop find of yesterday.
He discusses adapting his own novels for film and mentions (among other interesting observations) one problem which arises - that while doing this, the author sees 'the other novel he should have written' and gets totally distracted from the work at hand.

xx b