Friday, 19 August 2005

a pox on't

oh, bugger it. That was an experiment, experiment didn't work. I hear that happens sometimes. (But you never get another ARC grant.) I didn't get very much dissertation at all written during the last nonblogging month, and I observed with dismay my daily general happiness quotient getting scantier and scantier. So I'm giving up abstinence.

This means there will be no Hail the Conquering Hero routine starring Me riding back into town all finished and sort of glowing, transfigured, with really good teeth and neatly brushed hair and....things. Probably it's better this way. Give me a day or two to get my act together. There's a lot of it to collect (the centrifuge sort of exploded, don't you hate it when that happens?) One thing I really need to do it sort through all the mail that landed on the mat while I was gone. Thank you very much for those kind comments you all left on my last post. I hope nobody feels too cheated that I didn't manage to follow through. Yes, I hope that very hopefully, particularly as it's sort of too bad if you do feel ripped off.

I really will finish that stupid phd some day. Meanwhile, is there anything anyone's dying to hear about?

a) how Baz has been, what he's been going to sleep on top of recently etc
b) about the morning I was swimming laps at the local pool and found a pubic hair in my mouth (not one of mine, somebody else's)
c) how my new(ish) job is panning out
d) stuff
e) where all the women bloggers are, and what colours they'll be redecorating their blogs in for Spring '05.


Phantom Scribbler said...

Oh, hooray! I for one am glad you're back, and I don't feel at all disappointed that it is not under the promised conditions.

I vote for
a, e, c, d, and b
in that order.

boynton said...

You were missed, Laura.

Meanwhile e - part a. Natch.

Anonymous said...

Yes, you were. Besides humans, there were statues pining for you all over Melbourne.

I notice, in the general happiness department, that I have to do something creative every day or I start to feel very peaky,

A good blog fits the bill.

- barista

Jellyfish said...

Woo hoo, you're back!

Look at me, all international 'n' shit, welcoming you back. I'm not a bad girl, really, even if I don't like weddings anymore.

Scrivener said...

Hooray!!! Laura's back!!

What is this abotu "no Hail the Conquering Hero routine"? Of course there is--you made a decision to walk away from the blog for a bit to get work done. You grappled with the beast. You decided to come back. What's not to celebrate? Good for you for having the courage to try it out. Good for you for deciding to come back when you decided you could manage it. Good for you for getting the writing you did done. Looks to me like there are at least a couple of dragon corpses back there in your wake!

Hail, Hail Laura!

I especially want to hear about (c), also (d) and (a). And about the fine statuary you've been visiting.

Scrivener said...

Did I mention how glad I am to have you back? Hooray! You're back! :D

MC said...

Rad. Glad you're back. I'm sure you'll understand when I say - anything but E! xx

genevieve said...

Good on you Laura! love the new pic & you have the right idea having some personal content too. I'm really struggling to come up with interesting litshit right now and my kids are older and read my blog - so the personal gets rather heavily edited. Good luck with the centrifuge, mine is a bit stuffed as well.

Zoe said...


There's no point not blogging, is there?

Lucy Tartan said...

oh Zoe! that's it, exactly.

Fyodor said...

Yay! Welcome back, Kotter. Cool gravy - will have to call you Ms. Mandarin Peel from now on.

academic coach said...

Nice to meet ya.

Sorry about the pubic hair.

liz said...

Glad you're back!

Susoz said...

I feel the same! There's something dispirting about one's fave blogs going dormant (although you at least told us you were, unlike some I could mention).

Ampersand Duck said...

Argh! I'm late! I don't have a blog feed thingy to tell me who is ooot'n'aboot, and I'd stopped checkiing here because it was just too painful. But Zoe gave me the good news last night over my 12th alcoholic beverage. Hooray! I'm SO glad you're back! (but my head hurts today)