Monday, 29 August 2005

Buy a bag for the Badger family

Some of you who read this blog already know about the plight of Nth American ABD (all but dissertation) student and blogger Badger. Badger's husband is 34 and has terminal liver cancer. They have a young son. An unfortunate outcome of the American healthcare system (which we here really don't have any experience with, so please no snarky comments) means that Badger has insane medical bills to add to her already unimaginable burden.

The amazing American blogging community is rallying round Badger, thanks to the fund set up by Mary McKinney aka Academic Coach. Please read Mary's post, here, and donate as much as you can spare.

So that I can send some money myself I am auctioning off all the current stock in my ebay shop (if you didn't know or possibly forgot, I make one-off handbags from vintage textiles) and all proceeds over and above the cost of posting the bags to the buyers will go directly to Badger's fund. This is a chance for you to get a cool bag for yourself or to give as a gift and to do some good with your money at the same time.

One of the bags for auction. That link again:


So please, please, donate and bid away! Links to this post or direct to Mary's fundraiser post are highly encouraged and welcome too. But money is better.


LadyCracker said...


I'm trying to get through to your shop but that link doesn't seem to work?

academic coach said...

Oh, Laura, I'm so sad that you now need to update your post. How kind that you were thinking of the Badger's today. Thanks for post and the auction.

Lucy Tartan said...

Hi Academic Coach. Yes, it's unbearably sad that Mr. Badger has passed away. Badger is just an amazing woman and my heart really goes out to her and their little boy.

Sorry Ladycracker (v cool blog by the way!) I thought it was working ok this morning?!? if you google "laura's house of the red shoes" you'll get there, anyhow.

Ampersand Duck said...

Oh! So sad!

Armaniac said...

That's awful.

It's nice that the community rallied a bit to help them. It may give her some solace.

LadyCracker said...

your bags are beautiful - why are you giving it up?

And sad news about the Badgers - my best friend has just returned from the states cursing the health system.

Brownie said...

I hope I can help by Posting and linking to Badger, Academic and LauraBags. I notice from reading at Academic Coach blog about Badgers dissertation writing that she needs to find various films which are not available in the USA - so anyone with a film resource might be able to help her too.

Rubydot said...

Hi Laura, I couldn't find any items for sale in your store... Was I doing the wrong thing? Or was I too late and they were all sold?

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