Wednesday, 13 July 2005

junk mail and mind control

my junk mail today contained subliminal messages, I'm sure of it:



Russell Allen said...

If you are meant to feel animal attraction at Spotlight, so be it. While your there, pick me up a pet lint roller - I've always thought my dog has toooo much fur anyhow

cileo said...

Our blue heelers contribution to clothing is to drop her blankie in the b/yard. Then wee on it. Ok, she is 17yo+.

Lucy Tartan said...

Russell, the mind control I had in mind, er, was not the sly reference to romantic encounters with our four legged friends, but rather the frankly peculiar suggestion that animals need clothes. What kind of pervert catalogue writer thought that up.

Lucy Tartan said...

& a pet lint roller? not as cute as a pet rock, but more useful probably.

I have tried cutting out the middleman (black wool trousers) and just applying the sticky roller directly to the cat, without much success

jacqueline said...

Heh. My top picture on Bazlotto is Baz in a crown, staring superciliously towards the unclothed ginger cat in the ad.
"A bed is not clothing! Now bow to me!"

Brownie said...

from a blog

I think it is an aussie in Japan teaching.
"Last weekend I went to this place in Tokyo Bay where you can interact with cats in what the advertisement calls their `natural environment`. It`s a really tacky `all American` type house with fake furniture and hollow books on cat related subjects. Knic knacs are strategically placed and glued down to perfect the `lived in` look. The kittens and a few of the `problem` or `special` cats were behind glass but there were about thirty others running freely so that you could pet and play with them.
I guess it makes sense to have a place like this in a city that`s difficult to keep pets...although, little dogs seem to be the ultimate accessory. One of my students has TEN chiua-uas, which he somehow manages to bring up each lesson as the other students roll their eyes and try to conceal their snickers. Anyway, people dress them up in complete outfits as if they were chirldren. The best one I`ve seen so far was a bee costume complete with antennae, but I wanted to vomit when I saw a dog with a winnie the pooh backpack.

Crystal said...

The Literary Cat